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We at Like Humans work with organizations to help clarify and strengthen their culture. In our work, we’ve seen that the most collaborative organizations aren’t the ones that don’t have disagreement. Rather, they’re the ones that make use of their disagreements and communicate: to grow as individuals, strengthen their relationships, and improve the pursuit of their organizational vision. The keys to this type of communication are 1) have a shared awareness and language of human values and 2) have cultural practices to support regular communication around values.

As we witnessed our fellow Americans asking important questions about the state of America’s culture post-2016-election, we wanted to make Like Humans’ methodology available to everyone. Having endured a topsy-turvy political event, many people are feeling distressed and wondering, “What do I really think? How can I have a healthy conversation with others? What’s next?” We hope you find Voice clarifying, deeply affirming, and a support for positive action.

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